VisualLightBox 6.1

It is a free wizard app that helps you easily generate popup image galleries

If you're looking for a both practical and visually impressive manner of displaying photos online, then you should considering letting VisualLightBox help you, as it will allow you to easily create awesome popup image galleries that can also come enhanced with cool-looking lightbox overlay effects. Usually, in order to create this kind of galleries, you would have to resort to intricate coding or to purchase expensive and sophisticated app. With VisualLightBox, neither of these is needed. VisualLightBox is free, and best of all, it requires no line of coding or any programming knowledge. It does its job using a neat and intuitive interface that anyone can handle. It's made specifically to be easy-to-use, and as a result, besides the wizard-like straightforward interface, it also supports drag-and drop actions and keyboard-based navigation, and it comes with a handy collection of fancy themes and templates. Briefly, if you use VisualLightBox you get to obtain awesome image galleries, ready for being published online, in a really fast and easy manner.

I also like the fact that it provides multiple output choices: it lets you save the ready-to-publish gallery to a local folder, upload it to an FTP server, insert it into an HTML page, add it to a Joomla module or export it as a Wordpress plugin. Both the available templates and the thumbnails can be further customized to your liking, and the slideshow delay can be freely selected as well.

To sum it all up, VisualLightBox is a great solution to quickly and easily create image galleries ready to be publish online.

Margie Smeer
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  • Doesn't require any coding
  • Easy-to-use wizard interface
  • Customizable templats and themes
  • Multiple publishing options
  • Free


  • None
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